We believe in equal
opportunities for all

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Audited Report Financial Inclusion

We believe in people and their talents, so we are the strategic allies of small companies and great entrepreneurs determined to grow their businesses, offering them the best banking experience at every stage.

Meet our clients

We trust and
support all women

50% of our microcredits are
destined for the growth of small
businesses led by women.

We help small
businesses grow

We grow together with
micro-entrepreneurs who want
to make their projects a reality, bringing
them closer to meeting their goals
through easily accessible
micro-credits from $1,000 to
$40,000, advice, and payment

Margarita, in the continuous growth
of the family business.

Washington, a grocer, dedicated to his

We take bank
services to every
corner of the country.

Banco del Barrio of Banco
Guayaquil is an innovative and
straightforward platform to offer
financial products and services
in urban and rural areas.

The IDB recognizes it as the
largest banking and financial
inclusion project in Latin
and today it has more
than 19,000 points nationwide.

María Fernanda, a banker that
helps its customers

Carlos, a banker who identifies with
his clients